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“Sweet-scented lavender body lotion –

Feels good on me & good for the environment”


Winter is coming. I’m actually not making a reference to Game of Thrones (but who doesn’t love the series & books… when is the next book coming out?!?!), I’m talking about the cold temperatures and freezing wind in Utah that dries out my skin and makes it resemble a shriveled up prune, only worse.

My hands start to mirror those of the wicked ‘Mother’ in Tangled – with her hands going from smooth to wrinkled in seconds. But there’s no magic hair to reverse time unfortunately.

So with winter coming, I’m trying out the Lavender Body Lotion made by All Good Products. This isn’t just your regular body lotion, it’s so healthy and natural, I swear my bathroom starts to feel smug.

I did some research – all the lotions and sunscreens and other products we lavish on our skin leave a mark. Not just on your skin but Planet Earth. When you go swimming, or take a shower, or wash your skin – that beauty product or sunscreen goes somewhere. It doesn’t just magically stay on your skin for all eternity or why bother reapplying?

Is it a bad thing if it ends up in the drain?

Everything else goes down the drain. My son thinks it’s hilarious to pee in the shower. Better than the bathroom floor…

It turns out, there is a problem. Chemicals from these beauty products have been found in rivers, oceans and public water supplies. And it’s not just the environment. Your skin absorbs all those chemicals like a sponge, and they don’t go away when you wash your face or hands.

Sunscreen is a big one getting national attention. The Guardian recently wrote about the damaging effects of a popular sunscreen chemical – Oxybenzone – and how it’s damaging the coral reefs. 

That’s why you’re seeing so many slogans pop up: Natural. It’s safe, green, it’s healthy, yada yada yada. That doesn’t actually mean it’s healthy for the environment or your body. These products aren’t necessarily lying, just misleading you about how what healthy means.

Here’s some of the ingredients you want to avoid:

  • Benzoyl peroxide
  • MEA and TEA
  • Sunscreen chemicals
  • FD&C color
  • PEG
  • Phthalates
  • Dioxin
  • DMDM Hydantoin and Urea
  • Parabens
  • Propylene Glycol & Butylene Glycol
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate & Sodium Laureth Sulfate

It's all organic, all natural - and All Good - for you & the environment

Lavender Body Lotion

Enduring sweet scent
Smooth skin
Environmentally friendly

It's all organic, all natural - and All Good - for you & the environment

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“Skip the questionable ingredients that you can’t pronounce. You never know who or what they’re harming. That’s why I really love All Good Products – it’s natural, it’s organic, it’s healthy for me & my family.”

Lana Medina

 That’s the main reason I really like All Good Products. When they mean it’s ‘all good’, it really is ‘all good’. This Lavender body lotion is made from organic rose hip oil, cocoa butter, and calendula they grow on their California farm. Here’s a picture of the full ingredients. It’s all organic, and it’s all good for you.

But something that healthy probably means it’s greasy or smells weird right? Thankfully, that wasn’t the case. After applying in the morning, this lotion made my hands feel lightly smooth – but not greasy – for the entire day. And it left a pleasant smelling lavender on my skin for hours. Even after several hand washings, it stayed on.

The beauty of lavender is it makes you feel relaxed and comfortable, so it was a really nice refreshing scent on my skin. I tend to get stressed about everything: finances, my kids, weight, my kids, husband’s school, my kids, house projects, my kids. Do you notice a trend? Kids always stress us out – they should come with a personal masseuse. Ironically enough, you get kicked a lot accidentally, but that doesn’t count as a massage.

This lotion was like a tiny break – some personal ‘me time’ I desperately need. And I get some extra smug feeling knowing it’s healthy for my skin and the environment. And if I put some on my kids (dream dream land little baby girl who is refusing to nap…), I’ll know she’s in good hands too.