Cat + Dogma organic nursing scarf

Cat & Dogma: 

“An organic nursing cover that doubles as a stylish scarf”


Do you have any idea how many times someone has suggested that I feed my baby in a bathroom??? It’s always disguised as a kindness. ‘There’s a bathroom right over there…’ and it’s so ‘I don’t feel uncomfortable’. I even once had an HR manager suggest a bathroom for breast pumping.

Have you ever tried sitting on a toilet seat, where people poop by the way, and feeding a baby? Sometimes I really want to suggest they go eat food in a bathroom. It’s disgusting, right?! So why should a baby have to eat in a bathroom?

Best organic nursing scarf

With baby #2, I’ve been much more willing to just feed the munchkin and not care what anyone thinks. But sometimes, it’s nice to have a little privacy in public, so I decided to try out Cat + Dogma’s organic nursing scarf.

I was expecting to go badly. I’ve tried feeding a baby covered with a blanket: it falls down. I’ve tried nursing covers: pain to get them out when your kid is hungry & screaming. I’ve tried finding a nursing room: Because those exist everywhere. HAHAHAHA.

Would you guess this was a nursing scarf???

But the nursing scarf actually fixed all of those problems. First off, when I wore it in public, no-one knew I was wearing a nursing scarf. They just thought I had a stylish scarf.

But this is the middle of summer in Utah, so it’s probably too hot and uncomfortable right? Wrong. The Cat + Dogma scarf is made of a really light material. I wore it on a hike with my family, and the next day to a friend’s daughter’s birthday party. Perfectly fine, which is miraculous since it was 90+ degrees outside on both days. Summer, I’m done with you. Go away, I’ll see you next year.

The scarf wrapped around my neck, but when I needed to feed my baby, I simply unlooped it once and wrapped it around her head to create some privacy. It was really easy to maneuver even if she was being finicky about where and how she wanted to eat.

For those of you thinking: why not just feed her in public without any privacy. Does it really matter? Trust me, I’m with you. She needs to eat and my breasts are there for her food. But my kid likes to ‘snack’. Which means every Tom, Dick & Harry can see Everything when she takes continual breaks mid-lunch. And it’s not like I can just keep closing up my top. She wants her food in another 20 seconds. And if she doesn’t get it, we’re all going to hear about it.

An added bonus about this scarf: It’s organic. No harmful chemical bleaches or dyes. For those of us worried about what toxic chemicals are leaching into our kids’ bodies: rest assured with this scarf.

It works for all occasions: feeding your baby in public & wearing a stylish scarf - that no-one knows is meant for nursing

Organic Nursing Scarf

Doubles as normal scarf
Versatility for feeding baby
Machine washable

It works for all occasions: feeding your baby in public & wearing a stylish scarf - that no-one knows is meant for nursing

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“I can take it anywhere and no-one realizes I’m wearing a nursing scarf. It’s easy to use, comfortable for my baby (who refuses to eat under blanket covers), and is washing machine friendly.”

Lana Medina

Comfy scarf = happy baby

And it’s soft. Like really soft. When my baby is half asleep, she likes to touch mom to make sure I haven’t abandoned her to a crib. When I wear this, she touches the scarf.

This scarf is a little more pricey. I tested out a couple cheap versions that some friends use, and the downside is: you get what you pay for. Those cheap versions wear out quickly, have a scratchy material, and are uncomfortable for mom too.

You pay a little more for this version, but it’s worth it.

If I was having baby #3 (my husband is mentally running for the hills now), and one of my beautiful & awesome friends wanted to throw me a baby shower (hint, hint), this is going on the list. Yes, I already have one now, but I wouldn’t say no to one of the other colors. Please get me this.