Doddle & Co:


“When it falls to the ground…

the pacifier pops back in.”


I have dogs. They’re wonderful. Except they shed EVERYWHERE. I vacuum every few days and it doesn’t even make a dent. I’m half tempted to shave them. So whenever my baby’s pacifier falls on the ground – inevitably 10 times a day minimum – I mentally cringe.

You’re probably thinking: What’s the big deal? Just wash it in the sink, sanitize, you’re good to go. Because babies are totally fine waiting an extra 5 minutes for a pacifier. Ha ha ha ha! What really happens is I stick it in my own mouth. Dog hair is really gross by the way.

And when you’re out and the pacifier falls on the ground (the dirty, disgusting ground that people actually spit on), there’s no sanitizing solutions available unless you’re one of those prepared ones who brings hand sanitizer with her. FYI, I’m not one of those.

So when I saw the Pop-up pacifier by Doddle & Co. at the ABC Kids Expo, I was thrilled. It’s genius. The pacifier falls on the ground and a protective cover pops up to keep the nipple safe from the ground, dog hair & all other germs threatening to get your little one sick.

I immediately tried it out – pulling it back to become a pacifier and then dropping it on the ground. Even if it fell nipple-first, the pacifier was protected. HA puppies! Your fiendish plan to turn my baby into a dog by leaving hair everywhere has been foiled!


I did have one concern: the nipple design. My baby tends to prefer the orthodontic style, but thankfully she was totally fine with this kind. But even if your baby resolutely refuses anything but the orthodontic design, I have some good news. I talked to some employees at the Doddle & Co. booth at the expo, they’re actually working on a new nipple design for their brand.

Extra benefit:

I expected my baby to treat this pacifier like a normal pacifier: she has it in her mouth until it falls out. But besides calming my fussy little one, there’s another unexpected purpose: toy. My baby loved playing with the popping feature of the pacifier. I was trying to take pictures of it working as a pacifier, but for the first 30 minutes, she was too busy testing out her dexterity with it.

Will it pop out of baby’s mouth?

Surprisingly no. I thought since it pops out a protective cover when it falls down, it’s probably going to pop out when she’s trying to use it. It stayed in fine. It typically only fell down for normal reasons – she pulls it out, her 4-year-old brother pulls it out to be a stinker, or she falls asleep.


On the label it says: recommended for 0-6 mo, but my baby is 9 months old and she’s not ready to give it up yet. It’s fine for older babies if you’re not ready to wean yet.

When it falls, the pacifier stays clean

Pop Up Pacifier

Durable material
Pop out vs Pop in
Color options
Safe: BPA free

When it falls, the pacifier stays clean

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“I’ve eaten enough dog hair while trying to clean a pacifier. And who knows what else… If the pacifier can protect itself when it falls to the ground, I’m sold.”

Lana Medina

Can she put the pacifier in her own mouth?

One of the benefits of your baby getting older, is they’re able to put the pacifier in on their own. I was worried the pop-up design would make it so she needed my help every time. She figured out how to do it on her own pretty fast.


The Pop-Up pacifier is made of a flexible silicone material, which means it’s dishwasher safe. Just because it’s less likely to collect germs when it falls to the ground, doesn’t mean you get to skip cleaning entirely. Babies are germ magnets.


The Doddle & Co. pacifier has several different options:

  • Oh Happy Grey
  • Corally Yours
  • Pick up Lime
  • In Teal Life
  • Make Me Blush

I went with the ‘Oh Happy Grey’ version because my baby wears enough pink and purple throughout the day. There’s only so much my husband can stomach.

Final Say:

The Pop-up pacifier will help soothe your fussy baby and it will stay clean when it inevitably falls on the floor. I’ve eaten way too much dog hair in my life. This is a much better solution.