One2Stay Portable High Chair


“To get you through family gatherings.

Without wearing

your kid’s food.”


Babies are amazing, but when it comes to restaurants, family dinners, or any meal not in your own home – they make it 10X more difficult. And then some. They want to go places, they want to sit on your lap, they want to eat their food, they want to eat your food, they want to grab the forks & knives. Enter One2Stay’s Portable High Chair.

Thanksgiving WITHOUT a portable high chair. Hey look, I actually got a bite!

You’re probably thinking: why do you need a portable high chair at a restaurant when they usually supply you with their own? First off, babies & toddlers don’t always like those chairs (mine haven’t). It’s not at the right angle with the table that they can eat their own food. The chair is hard and uncomfortable. Not to mention, you have no idea what germs are lingering on that chair your kid just tried to chew on…

Even if you’re willing to deal with the restaurant high chairs, family and friend gatherings are a different story.

The Test:

With the holidays approaching, I decided to test the One2Stay portable high chair on 3 different Thanksgiving meals we were involved with this year.

1) In-laws.

Happy baby!

At my husband’s parent’s home, they cart in a huge table for everyone but even with all those extra chairs, my 10-month-old has only one place to eat: my lap. Have you tried juggling a hungry baby who is grabbing everything in sight while trying to eat your own food? While you’re grabbing the fork out of their hand, the other hand is smearing mashed potatoes all over their face. And then throwing peas. And then dropping pieces of stuffing. And before you know it, their clothes and face are a disaster, and you’re starving because the last thing you have time to do is eat yourself.

So we brought along the One2Stay portable high chair. It took a couple minutes to set up for the first time and lock in place. I strapped in my squirming munchkin, locked in the tray and put some small pieces of food in front of her. It was a Thanksgiving miracle, she actually stayed in the seat, munched on her food and I WAS ABLE TO EAT.

2) My house

Nom Nom Nom

With my own family coming over the next day, we didn’t have room at our kitchen table for my baby’s normal high chair that straps into a chair. We needed the chair for adults. So we tried out putting her next to the table in the portable high chair. It made all the difference. The only person who missed out was my husband who offered to eat dinner downstairs while watching a football game that was on.

3) Friendsgiving

By this 3rd Thanksgiving I was starting to get sick of pumpkin cheesecake, but we had yet more turkey and stuffing to chow down. Same problem, when you get everyone together, there’s just not enough chairs to go around. My friends have 5 kids and a massive kitchen table. But even with the second table and chairs, there’s no regular high chair, so my baby would end up on my lap were it not for the portable high chair.

Gets your through family events

One2Stay Portable High Chair

Set up
Clean up

Gets your through family events

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“It’s a great purchase for family gatherings, travel, babysitters, events and other trips when you need to feed your baby/toddler table food but don’t want to struggle with holding them the entire food.”

Lana Medina

Why it’s a good design:

The portable high chair has an extra durable flap to catch any stray food that falls to the floor (because kids can’t stay clean; simply not possible). It’s very safe, with 2 places to lock the high chair into place on the front and back, and a way to secure the tray as well.

There’s also a mesh netting under the seat to store the carry-on bag or anything else you need to keep out of sight.


The only downside I found is that when you’re setting up, it’s not that easy to hold your baby and set it up at the same time. You’ll need to set your munchkin in someone else’s loving arms temporarily until you get it secured. Once you’ve done it a few times, it takes less than a minute to take out of the bag, lock in place and get your kid strapped in too.

Final Say:

The One2Stay portable high chair is a great purchase for family gatherings, travel, babysitters, events and other trips when you need to feed your baby/toddler table food but don’t want to struggle with holding them the entire food. For those of them who really love holding their babies the entire time, by all means. But don’t be surprised when you end up wearing their food.