CandyLab Toys:


“A quality-made classic toy car –

Fun for my son, and for his dad and grandpa.”


In this modern day and age, everything fun makes noise. For kids, just walk down the aisle at any toy store, the majority of them move, make noise, blink lights. Essentially, it’s not a toy if it doesn’t require batteries.

CandyLab Toys ‘Woodie’ car

That’s what first drew me to CandyLab Toys’ line of retro wooden cars. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a car person. As long as it keeps moving, I don’t care what’s under the hood. But when it comes to toys, I do care about how kids need electronics to stay entertained.

I didn’t notice the detail of the Woodie car, but interestingly enough, my son’s grandpa did. My dad grew up in California, so the retro design of a classic car drew his curiosity, especially the added feature of a magnetic top to easily attach a surfboard.

This is the kind of car my dad grew up around. His dad actually fixed and raced cars, so he grew up around cars parked in a special 6-car garage (even more rare back then) that his dad worked on.

When my son saw the car, he didn’t appreciate the veneer-panelled sides made with real wood or the classic design. He liked the fact that it rolled really really well, especially compared to the plastic cars we usually get him. And he liked the magnet roof wear the surfboard snapped on. Not that he really understood what a surfboard was – he thought it was a fun spinning top. By the way, that ‘fun spinning top’ really hurts when he launches it at you (just watch the video).

Vroom, Vroom!

My husband and son ended up playing with the car for over an hour. My husband is usually really good about playing kids’ games, but it was Thursday night football and he’s in a fantasy football league, so he was glued watching the TV as the Panthers played some team. Someone scored and someone didn’t get as many points as he was hoping to get on his team.

Surprisingly, this toy distracted him. The TV was still on in the background (one of these days I’m going to turn it off during football, just as an experiment to see what happens), but my husband took breaks to play cars with our 4-year-old as the car zoomed around our heads and down on the carpet.

I’m not the only one who likes this car. It’s been gaining in popularity after a feature from CBS News.

When you’re thinking toy cars, there’s a few things you’re looking for: engagement, quality, whether it encourages creativity, and safety.

Really great classic & retro wooden car

CandyLab Toys 'Woodie' Car

Encourages Creativity

Really great classic & retro wooden car

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“This is a good toy for your kids, but more than that, it’s a fun toy for adults too. My husband and my dad both liked the toy. And anything that gets an older generation to interact with kids on the same level, is worth it.”

Lana Medina

Is it quality?

Yes – my son and husband played with this for more than an hour. As I said, with an NFL game on in the background. I was able to finish the laundry and remake the bed, without my son playing ‘Monkeys Jumping on the Bed’ and destroying all my hard work.

Is it quality?

Absolutely. It’s really wood. There’s no splinters. It’s also designed specifically by CandyLab Toys, not to be a model of a classic car, but to represent that day and age. It creates a bond between my son and his grandpa. One having fun with a cool car, another reminded of his own childhood.

Does it encourage creativity?

Baby gets the toy

Even though the surfboard wasn’t meant to be a spinning top, my son found a dozen uses for it as part of the car. Mostly for my son, car’s are designed to race. So the Woodie car was lined up against Lightning McQueen and the BatMobile for an all-out race. First place gets ice cream.

Is it safe?

This is what I liked most about the car: my 8-month-old baby wanted to play too. Because what sister doesn’t want the toy her brother has? The car was big enough (and the surfboard too) that it wasn’t a choking hazard. I’m not saying leave it with your baby as a chew toy, it’s way too nice for that. But if the inevitable happens, this is a fairly safe toy.

Final say:

This is a good toy for your kids, but more than that, it’s a fun toy for adults too. My husband and my dad both liked the toy. And anything that gets an older generation to interact with kids on the same level, is worth it.