Sago Mini:


“Bath squirters – There’s an app for that.”


Bath time! This is a great time. This is the time where I get to stick my two littles (who are 17 months apart-age 4 and 5 1/2) in another room, where they’re contained in a small space, and there is no chance they can borrow my phone for screen time. Which means I get my phone all to myself the entire time they are bathing.

This is only partially true, sometimes I do decide to be “present” with my little babes, and until they are disgusted by my grown up body, I still like to have baths with them. It’s a time where I can wash my body and save money on the water bill and have some splash and play time while they are still teeny tiny.

Sago Mini bath squirter – Harvey

So any new bath time toy they can play with that will get them using their own imaginations (instead of the imaginations of app creators or T.V. producers) to play with their toys, is a great use of time and it tuckers them out before bed. The Sago Mini bath squirter and floaties are adorable. There is a little cat, a dog, a bird, and a bunny.

They look like adorable CGI baby animals. Each of these cute animal bath squirter friends has a little floatie they get to sit on while they bob around the bath. I watched my littles as they balanced the little critters on the floaties and my mind was taken away to a time when I could afford to bob around on a floatie in a hotel swimming pool-to catch a much needed suntan. That was about 20 years ago. For now, a bath full of kids and their bath squirter toys will have to do for my self-care (we do get to squeeze some bubbles into the bath from time to time). Sigh.

The Test:

We needed to get the kiddies in the bath for this one. We put them under the water and squeezed tight to fill the mini bath squirter buddies up with bath water. And boy, did those cutie patooties squirt far. A good squirt to the eye makes a four year old cry, we found out.

We tested out the “popping off the heads” feature by popping off the heads of these baby squirter critters and letting them sit out to dry off.

Other Features:

Sago Mini bath squirter – Jack

The Sago Mini bath squirters also have their very own apps did you know? For the little characters. They have some educational apps and some very cute games with these little mini buddies in the starring roles. There is even one app where the cutesie Sago mini animal friends go sledding in sparkly snow.

Even though you shouldn’t take your phones and tablets and laptops with you while you are in the bath, your cute kiddies can also play with their friends on the Sago mini apps while their mini friends are drying off after bathtime. Without their heads on. This is almost the best part of the whole thing.

We made a little game of interesting ways these Sago mini friends would have to trade their heads with the other little friends. We eventually had a kitty-bunny (a kitty head with a bunny body-and so forth), a bird-dog, a bunny-bird, and a dog-cat. My babes guffawed with hearty evil laughs when they discovered how funny it was when one of the mini friends couldn’t find their head. Great imaginations.

Bath squirters that prevent mold

Sago Mini

Easy pop off
App features
Squirting distance

Bath squirters that prevent mold

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“There are four little toy animal friends and four little floaties for them to bob around on. The little animal friends have detachable heads-preventing yucky mold growth. No BPAs.”

Liz Jarrad

It turned a little dark near the end. Evidence of great parenting probably. Nice to know that even if it is a bit gnarly to have your children’s toys go headless for a little while, it is so they can properly dry out between uses to prevent mold growth and yucky soap scum.

I’ve taken toys to the beach and left them in a summer bag in the trunk of my car only to discover when we found them again, they were black with mold. Yuck. You don’t want that going back in the kiddie’s baths.

Final Say:

The Sago Mini friends are great bath squirter toys. They’re fun and someone was thinking straight when they designed a bath squirter that could be taken apart to dry off. The app idea is cute to get the kids familiar with the cute characters. I imagine if we’d been familiar with the characters in the apps before my kiddos had played with them in the bath, they’d have some great narratives ready for imaginative play.