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The award-winning Sense-U Breathing and Rollover baby monitor is made to help ease the minds of new parents. The 1.6-inch device attaches to the baby’s swaddle, clothes or diaper, as long as the material is less than the thickness of a quarter. It is designed to monitor the baby’s breathing and movements as well as the temperature and humidity surrounding the baby. It will then send alerts to an app on your phone (or any other Bluetooth 4.0 or BLE device you’ve paired the monitor with) if anything potentially dangerous is occurring. It lets worried and fatigued parents sleep a little easier knowing something is still keeping an eye on the baby while they are catching Zs.

The Positives:


Inside the box

Setup is simple. I downloaded the “Sense-U Baby” app to my phone (it is free), opened it and hit “Join” when the “Welcome to Sense-U” page appeared. I filled out the basic information requested (email address, verification code, and new password). I completed the Baby Profile, which asks for baby’s name, birthday, height, weight and sex. Next, I paired the device by taking the Sense-U Baby monitor and shaking it until the LED light on the back of the device started blinking.

I had my husband try the installation process and he insists it only pairs if he shakes his phone and the Sense-U at the same time (very amusing to watch!). It turns out the device can only be monitored on one phone at a time, so to connect to a different device, the first one needs to disconnect from the Sense-U. Be make sure both devices are within 50ft of each other, or the sync will disconnect.

You’ll know the devices are paired when you see the enthusiastic headline appear, “Congratulations! Paired Successfully.” Click the “Get Started” button to fully delve into the monitor’s features. See, super simple!

Audible Alerts

Plenty of options

I was excited to find that by going to “Manage Alerts,” under “Settings,” I had the option to turn each alert on or off individually—breathing, rollover, temperature, and humidity. I left all of them on at first to get used to the Sense-U Baby monitor but had to turn off the rollover alert because rolling over is inevitable with my toddler who is a stomach/side sleeper.

The breathing baby monitor alerts when the baby has had weak or no breathing movement between 15 and 35 seconds, or if there is fast breathing movement (about 60 times per minute). I did find that when it was recording breathing and then was set on a table, so it could no longer detect movement, it did send a loud alarm within the predefined 15-35 seconds.

The temperature monitor alerts when the baby is too cold (below 68 degrees Fahrenheit) or too hot (above 99 degrees Fahrenheit). It uses a built-in thermometer. The humidity monitor alerts when the humidity level is above 80 percent. And the rollover monitor alerts when your baby rolls over onto his/her stomach.

Intuitive Design

The app displays the breathing, movement, temperature and humidity readings. I was impressed with how quickly the device would display my sons changes in position. Whether he was on his back, left or right side, it was spot on.  The temperature and humidity were accurate as well—changing as I added or removed blankets on my son.

And when I held the device over hot water. I wasn’t as impressed with the breathing monitor. I had to make sure the clothes were thin and tight against my son’s skin and that he didn’t move or it would say he wasn’t breathing.

Giving baby & you a good night's sleep!

Sense-U baby monitor


Giving baby & you a good night's sleep!

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“Ultimately, the monitor worked so well that I felt much better about getting some shut-eye.  I would absolutely recommend the Sense-U Baby to ease your worried mind.”

Brittany Kutz


The monitor is just under $100 on Amazon and does much more than most baby movement monitors on the market. Most cost $200+ and have only one or two functions.



Pairing the device

The Sense-U and device it is paired with must be within 50 feet of each other to work. I tried to go downstairs to do laundry and monitor the baby at the same time, but the device disconnected. I do sleep most nights in the same room as my son, so in general the 50-foot range isn’t an issue for me.   

Breathing Accuracy

The breathing part of the monitor was very fickle. It would work sometimes and then stop for seemingly no reason. Many factors can affect the breathing accuracy, like location of the device and movement of the babies and snugness of the fabric it is attached to. I ended up just turning off the breathing part of the monitor out of frustration and false alerts.

Final Say

There are many things to like about the Sense-U Baby. It has an easy setup, provides audible alerts, is inexpensive as far as movement monitors go, and it has a super sensitive intuitive design. Ultimately, the monitor worked so well that I felt much better about getting some shut-eye.  I would absolutely recommend the Sense-U Baby to ease your worried mind.