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“Give your baby a good night’s sleep.”


When my first was born, I was paranoid about SIDS. My parents lost 2 babies to SIDS before I was born. I grew up knowing my brother and sister had died but it wasn’t until I was pregnant with my son that I realized the extent of the loss my parents suffered. There aren’t words to describe the horror and misery they experienced. With my 4-year-old and 11-month-old baby girl now, even the briefest thought of losing them somehow is enough to make me well up with tears.

Baby Deedee sleep sack

As my son’s due date loomed closer, I scoured the internet for answers. I followed everything I could to keep him safe. He was always put to sleep on his back. He slept in our room in an approved bassinet, then safely in his crib with no toys around. But even in the most comfy pajamas, he wanted a blankie to snuggle and keep warm. With baby #2, I was still paranoid. Enter Baby Deedee sleep sack.

Leading experts on preventing SIDS say nothing should be in the crib besides a fitted sheet, the clothing little one is wearing, and the baby. These same experts suggest putting your newborn darling to bed all swaddled up in a blanket, because an unwrapped blanket can be a smothering hazard. If you’re thinking, she’s getting a little too paranoid: just remember – 2 KIDS! Can you imagine? I hope you can’t actually.

With my son, he loved being swaddled. My baby girl, absolutely not. She hated it. I tried everything. Even the nurses at the hospital couldn’t get her to stay swaddled, and they’re the pros. I always bowed down to their expertise. And then got really really annoyed when my efforts to imitate their expertise ended with failure, and a crying baby.

Just don’t take my picture Mom…

But with the Baby Deedee sleep sack, it’s kinda like for once, I one-upped the nurses. I managed to calm the baby down, something they couldn’t even do. At the hospital, she refuses to fall asleep unless it was in someone’s arms. And then every time I tried to move her, she would wake up. With the sleep sack, she was all wrapped up and comfy. But because there weren’t any extra blankets laying in her crib, she was safe.

Even without the worry of SIDS – the danger reduces significantly after the first 6 months – these sleep sacks are great for helping babies snuggle and sleep. My baby girl loved it. She would hold onto the soft and comfortable material of the sleep sack, even when she wasn’t sleeping. The sleep sack turned into a favorite blankie. Even when she wasn’t wearing it, she wanted to hold it in her car seat, on trips to Grandma’s house, everywhere.

Added bonus:

I found an extra use for the sleep sack. When I took my munchkins out to see holiday lights this year, I wanted to keep my baby all bundled up in the stroller. I put her in the sleep sack with warm mittens and a cutesy hat, and she was all nice and toasty for the entire adventure. That or the shiny lights hypnotized her into silence. Pity it didn’t work on her brother. He gave up on the lights within 10 minutes, about the same time he spotted a Chick fil A.

Sleep sack = comfort & safety

Baby Deedee

Washing machine friendly
Helps baby sleep
Easy to put on

Sleep sack = comfort & safety

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For those little ones who want their blankie at bedtime, this is the better and safer option. It helps my little one sleep at night, and with the extra piece of mind, it helps me sleep at night too.”

Lana Medina


Other options

There are quite literally dozens of options – for summer and winter – and each come in several different colors/styles

  • Quilted Winter Weight
  • Fleece Mid Weight
  • Cotton Light Weight
  • Sleep kicker (really warm pajamas that can be worn over a onesie – great for when your baby falls asleep at bedtime and you don’t want to change them into pajamas and wake them up)
Final Say:

The Baby Deedee sleep sack is comfortable and a great option for getting baby to sleep when they want to be all snuggled in a blanket but refuse to be swaddled. And it also keeps babies safe. For those little ones who want their blankie at bedtime, this is the better and safer option. It helps my little one sleep at night, and with the extra piece of mind, it helps me sleep at night too.