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“You won’t be disappointed with the Essential Oils 4-pack.”


If you haven’t incorporated essential oils into your daily routine, I highly recommend you try some out. There’s something awesome about accessing nature’s healing powers before running straight to the doctor or pharmacy. Headache? Ear infection? Fever? Acne? For nearly every ailment, you can make your first move of defense with an essential oil. But which brand to try and how to get it? That’s when it gets complicated.


When shopping for essential oils, most people are concerned with purity and price.  Here’s what we found regarding Spark Naturals:


Spark Naturals Essential Oils 4-pack

Unfortunately there is no standardization of “purity level” in the essential oil industry. You have to do your research on the company and its extraction process. Sparks Naturals cold presses its citrus fruit essential oils (a good thing, because too much heat would kill the beneficial, therapeutic properties.) The other, non-citrus oils are steam distilled. They come from all around the world, wherever the plants are native. When carrier oil (something like grapeseed or jojoba oil) is used to dilute the essential oil, Spark Naturals packaging will clearly tell you so.  

Sparks Naturals does not own any farms. That way they have the freedom to reject a crop it doesn’t adhere to Spark standards, rather than being financially committed to a subpar batch. I like that they support farmers around the world, testing and purchasing directly from the distillers that are usually located on or near the farms themselves.  


Never forget that you get what you pay for! I am willing to pay for a quality item with strong therapeutic properties, distilled carefully and regionally. I am less willing to pay for the commissions of everyone along the line that handled the product sale before I came along. Spark Naturals is not a MLM, like other comparative essential oil companies. I got mine straight from Easy enough!


One small drop makes all the difference!

Lets begin with the basics. Whatever company you go with, it’s a good idea to start with oils that have a wide range of uses. Spark Naturals Essential 4 pack has the most common oils for getting started: Lemon, Peppermint, Melaleuca and Lavender. Sidenote: I just learned that melaleuca is also called tea tree oil.  Same thing!

One problem I’ve found with essential oils is that there aren’t exact instructions for use on the bottles. One drop for a fever? What does that mean? Lay down and tilt the peppermint bottle over your forehead? (NO. No, don’t do this. Peppermint stings your eyes!) In this specific case, I like to put a drop on my palm along with some lotion or oil, rub them together, and use my fingers to gently massage the mixture onto my forehead. Perhaps I’m just lacking in common sense but precise examples like this help me feel comfortable utilizing a potent, medicinal product. Read on to discover the pros and cons of Spark Naturals Essential 4 Pack, and then my video will give you some examples on how to use it.  

A 4-pack designed to help you feel better

Spark Naturals Essential Oils

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Does it help?

A 4-pack designed to help you feel better

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“Headache? Ear infection? Fever? Acne? For nearly every ailment, you can make your first move of defense with an essential oil.”

Emiy Metcalf

Pros of the 4 pack:

Excellent packaging!  

To be honest, it’s difficult and expensive to sample from all the essential oil companies out there, comparing taste/smell/therapeutic benefits. Most of us just want what works well and conveniently. I am a big fan of the packaging on this product! First of all, the squat little cylinder easily fits in my hand and my purse. But it gets better! Open it up!

First, you’ll see concise instructions and benefits listed for each oil. Underneath that, a foam cover. And the best part: a foam structure that keeps your oils upright and undamaged. Essential oils should be stored in glass to prolong their virility, but we all know glass bottle take more care than plastic ones. No amount of jostling is going to break these beauties!

Broad Uses:

There’s a reason these oils were chosen for a beginner’s journey into essential oil care. Between the peppermint, lemon, lavender and melaleuca, you’re covered for most daily complaints!

Spark Naturals Essential Oils 4-pack

There are plenty more uses, but these are my favorite:

  • (Peppermint) lack of energy, headache, fever, tummy upset
  • (Lemon) sniffles, cleansing, and removing hardwater stains
  • (Lavender) restlessness, sunburn, depression and anxiety
  • (Melaleuca) cuts and scrapes, cold sores, acne

Watch the video to discover how exactly I used Spark Naturals for my family’s health and wellbeing.  Make note that all four of the essential oils in this pack are safe to use topically, internally and aromatically.  I find that especially convenient, as I would inevitably keep forgetting and double-checking if one of them wasn’t safe in any certain application.  

Cons of the 4 Pack:

The only possible downside we found with Spark Naturals bottles is that they tend to flow quickly.  If you are carefully counting drops, for your lemon or peppermint water for example, tilt the bottle slowly!  When adding to your bath, just a quick dip of the bottle should give you the right amount of 10 ish drops.  


My final say? I like the convenient package. I like ordering 5 mL bottles off Amazon. I think you won’t be disappointed with Spark Naturals Essential 4 Pack.