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Great for on-the-go snacks!


Having a full-time job and full-time kids is hard… sometimes impossible to complete all the daily chores…. For me this is especially true when it comes to meal prep.  The week is usually too full to be able to come home and cook all the time.  And let’s face it, I’m no mom of the year or anything, so that’s generally likely going to be the case that I will have to rely heavily on snacks that are ready to go.  

Squeasy food pouch

But with the store-bought food pouches, I feel environmentally guilty when it comes to buying those  for my 1-year old.  Every time I throw one away, I hear a tree scream…. kidding, but I still don’t feel great about it. Not to mention the mess.  Have you every seen a 1-year old try to operate a food pouch by themselves? It’s not pretty, and they won’t let you feed them either, well, because they are a stubborn 1-year old.

I’m excited that Squeasy Gear has come out with this amazing reusable food pouch that is great for snacks on the go like this.

My first thoughts were that these were too good to be true.  There has to be something wrong with them, right? But I honestly had a hard time finding that.  

Squeasy Design:

The food pouch is made from food-grade, thick silicone (not plastic), which makes them sturdy and hold up well to baby (or whatever), but still flexible and easy to squeeze. They are bacteria-resistant. There are only a limited number of parts, which is good, because I lose stuff easily. They make it really simple to take apart and put back together – only fits one way!  It’s freezable, so you can make plenty in advance and have them ready to go (one of my FAVORITE things about these).  They go right in the dishwasher for easy cleaning (which is my second FAVORITE thing about these). And best of all, they cut down on the mess that other food pouches seem to make! I was actually so impressed with it, that I let my 1-year old roam around the carpeted living room with it. No mess!!!!

Wide opening for food pouch

I was worried that it might be a struggle to get the food inside of the pouch, but it has a wide opening, so it’s actually really easy to fill.  You can make your regular puree and throw it in easily. I would recommend keeping looser purees with the no-drip cap underneath, but for thicker purees, like squash, I would keep that off and just use the top cap to allow it to flow through easy. Works great with things like applesauce and yogurt! If you make smoothies at all, these are great for that as well!

Overall, it’s nice to be able to control the food that your little one is eating and make sure it’s healthy for them! And you can even put a little treat of pudding every now and then!


Great food pouch for snacks on the go!

Squeasy Gear

Plastic-free design
Easy to use
Dishwasher Safe

Great food pouch for snacks on the go!

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“I can personally appreciate not having to dig through the diaper bag to find a snack when my kid is ‘hangry’ and wanting to take it out on me… and the poor innocent pedestrians that may receive permanent hearing loss after walking by us…”

Meghan Thackrey

Another great thing about the food pouch is that as the kids get a little older and have more hand control, you can take out the flow restriction and have a “free flow” speed for everything, including water or juices. Basically, it makes for faster delivery for a hungry, grumpy kid.

Size Options:

Squeasy Gear food pouch

The food pouch comes in different sizes – the smallest is about 3.5 ounces and the largest is 6 ounces for bigger kids.  They even put notches on the side to show the fill marks, and they come in different fun colors, too! The top ring has bonus feature – a hole cut out for a carabiner so you can clip it onto something for easy transport, like the diaper bag or even wear it if you want. It’s yet another thing they thought of when making these easy and portable.

I can personally appreciate not having to dig through the diaper bag to find a snack when my kid is ‘hangry’ and wanting to take it out on me… and the poor innocent pedestrians that may receive permanent hearing loss after walking by us…

Smaller lid pieces

Some of the parts are small and flexible, so when it comes to taking it apart, obviously you’ll want to keep them away from baby or toddlers, or most younger kids for that matter. And if you have some sort of contained washing rack for your dishwasher (like the ones you use for bottle parts) that will come in handy, so parts don’t fly about while being cleaned.  

Final Say:

All in all, I really enjoyed this food pouch and didn’t see much that could be improved. I would recommend getting some of these if you rely on a LOT of on-the-go snacks, like me!