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“A stainless steel bottle –

Baby to Toddler to Kid.”


Over the years we’ve collected an impressive assortment of baby, toddler & ‘big kid’ bottles. They each last approximately 2 months. The ending date usually comes after we’ve found it yet again under the bed with week-old milk curdled inside. Or under the backseat of the car with an alarming stench. Or in the most unforgiving of places: the bathroom.

Pura 9oz Stainless steel bottle with straw

Then there’s the different types: sippy bottle, straw bottle, baby bottle. All of them different based on your kid’s age and their preference. One day they like straw, the next day sippy. And misery to the parent who dared pick wrong…

So I decided to give Pura Stainless Steel bottle a try. One of my fellow writers already tested out Pura’s infant bottle and nipples for her son’s formula, but Pura says with their bottles, you can go from baby to toddler to kid with the same bottle. While mentally scoffing, I wanted to see whether Pura really holds up to the hype.

First, I started with the Pura Kiki 9oz stainless steel bottle – testing out 3 different kinds of nipples/sipper spouts that Pura makes:

The sipper spout was a little too big for her yet. She’s 9 months old but the nipple design is still closer to her normal preference from mom, so I figured my 4-year-old could test out the sipper spout. I filled it up with some prepared breastmilk I had stored out in the freezer (de-thawed for her Elevensies meal – if you don’t speak Hobbit, this is equivalent of 2nd breakfast) and let her go to town.

Stainless steel bottle = happy baby

She’s a baby and loves her food, so as long as the nipple wasn’t a weird design, she was content. She doesn’t care that it’s BPA free. She doesn’t care that it’s stainless steel so the dogs can’t chew the bottle (which is how we’ve lost at least 5 sippy cup lids over the last few years). She likes the colorful bottle sleeve and the fact that it has her milk inside.

But as the mom here: I loved everything about it. I especially love how when she outgrows drinking breastmilk, I can switch to the sipper spout or the straw and not have to buy a new bottle.


This is one of the biggest issues I have with toddler bottles – it’s a giant pain in the patookie to clean them. Milk and juice gunks up near the sippy spout and after a couple months, it turns a black color (even if you throw it in the dishwasher). With Pura’s sipper spout, it’s wider and easy to detach from the lid – better for cleaning. It’s dishwasher safe but I’m more of a wash-by-hand mom because neither my kids or I have the patience to wait for the dishwasher half the time.

Stainless steel bottle for every age

Pura Bottles

Environmentally friendly
Dishwasher friendly
Leak proof

Stainless steel bottle for every age

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“The only ones who lose out are the dogs. Stainless steel is really hard to chew up. But that’s okay, they now have an assortment of cheap, plastic bottles that were destined for the trash can to munch on.”

Lana Medina


Next I wanted to see how it worked with my 4-year-old.

So first off, the lids work on each bottle. I tested out switching lids on the 9oz insulated kids bottle from 3+ months nipple, to the 6+ months sipper spout, to the straw, and for good measure, to the adult version. Easy to screw on. With just one new attachment, I have a whole new bottle for baby, for toddler, for ‘big kid’, and for myself. Although I want a bigger bottle than 9 oz for me.


This is pretty much the most environmentally friendly bottle design I’ve ever seen. It’s 100% plastic free and BPA free. It’s a stainless steel bottle with silicone lids. Added bonus: the bottles are insulated to keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold.


Silicone lid

There isn’t much of one, but considering how many bottles I’ve lost over the years, I do wonder whether I can keep track of one bottle over the next 5-6 years. If I can, it will hold the test of time. As mentioned before, it’s a stainless steel bottle with a silicone lid. It even comes with a flexible silicone cover that fits over the nipple, sipper spout and/or straw to keep it free from dirt, dog hair, dog licking, dog drool, etc.

You might be balking at the cost. Yeah, they’re a bit more expensive than your traditional bottles, but considering the fact that you could feasibly use the same bottle for your baby for 5+ years, instead of buying 10-20 different bottles/sippy cups over that same period of time, it’s well worth it.


Pura’s claim holds up – you really can use this bottle from baby to toddler to kid to adult. This bottle really does grow with your kids. And I love the fact that the whole family can have the same type of stainless steel bottle. So when my 4-year-old demands to eat/have/use ‘exactly what I have’, he already has his own. The only ones who lose out are the dogs. Stainless steel is really hard to chew up. But that’s okay, they now have an assortment of cheap, plastic bottles that were destined for the trash can to munch on.