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“Is it weird to think that the dish rack is more stylish than I am???”


When I think of dishracks, I think of rubber and wire bins with a tray underneath to collect water and a cutlery holder on the side. All other tableware is left to be stacked in an epic game of dish Jenga. Until I saw the Black + Blum Dish Rack put together and on my counter, I didn’t think it was possible to call a dish rack aesthetically pleasing and functional, but the Black + Blum Dish Rack is both. Is it weird that to think that the dish rack is more stylish than I am?

Black + Blum dishrack

This dish rack is meant to be displayed. The creators consider it a sculpture for contemporary kitchens. Black + Blum modeled the wave and rib-like prongs after world-renowned architect Santiago Calatrava’s building designs, including the newly constructed World Trade Center Transportation Hub at Ground Zero. The resemblance is clear when you see the iconic building. So, the dishrack is not only an original sculpture it is also patriotic in a sense.

The dishrack is not just meant to be displayed; it is meant to be used—and use it I did. I own a dishwasher, but I use air-drying dishracks for breakables and items of immediacy like baby bottles, baby spoons and bowls…there are never enough bowls. The rack I use doesn’t hold much and I end up having to dry most of the dishes by hand…pretty much rendering the rack useless. The Black + Blum Dish Rack, however, holds many dishes and all of my baby bottles—huge positive because when my son needs a bottle there is no wait time. It is now or NOW! I can wash them all at once and I have a place to put them, without having to take the time to dry them all one by one.

Inside the box: What the Black + Blum dishrack brings to your kitchen

The construction of the rack is simple. The instructions are on the back of the box in minimal pictures. You take the stainless steel and lift it up and around to the back of the plastic (BPA free) part of the rack. The steel part will click into plastic loops and the rack structure is complete. The rack can then be set on the tray and the cutlery holder clicks into any part of the middle of the structure between the shorter prongs and the wavy ones.

After putting together the rack the first time, I felt a need to see how many dishes I could put on it without precariously leaning one dish on the other, or breaking any of the plastic prongs off. The prongs are malleable, but not enough that they bend completely out of shape. For example, the baby bottle necks pinch together the prongs when drying, but once removed the prongs retain their original shape. The prongs aren’t stiff enough that a heavy dish will break them off either…I tried ‘cause I’m a rebel like that.

Stacking EVERY dish

The rack can hold pots and pans without issue, but you can also use the tray under the rack to dry off dishes. I found that the dishrack fit easily into my sink, so if I had an overload of dishes to dry, I could place the rack in the sink and use the tray for the additional dishes. The rack should fit standard draining sinks.

Durable & looks really good in your kitchen

Black + Blum dish rack

Drip spout
Easy set up
Aesthetically pleasing
Clean silverware

Durable & looks really good in your kitchen

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“The Black + Blum Dish Rack, however, holds many dishes and all of my baby bottles—huge positive because when my son needs a bottle there is no wait time. It is now or NOW!”

Brittany Kutz

My only issue was the drainage spout. The edges of my sink are lifted too high for the tray lip to drain the water into my sink. I had water in the tray the day after I washed the dishes. I can see the tray getting nasty looking quick. Thankfully, the Black + Blum Dish Rack is dishwasher safe and can be folded back up easily to fit in the dishwasher—or be put away if you need more counter space.

The dish rack in the review is white, but the one online is lime green. Black + Blum use a lot of lime green, white, gray and steel in their designs—they look really good together. Very clean and sleek, artistic and appealing.

Overall, I’d highly recommend it.