“Your new tree-friendly beach buddy”


When I first heard the term hammock, I started imagining a solitary relaxation on the beach. My husband watching the kids, while I snoozed on the hammock. Or maybe relaxing with a beer and my favorite book. That’s fantasy, not reality.

First off, if there’s a hammock, my husband and I are going to fight for it. Second off, when we first opened the Tentsile Trillium hammock, we quickly realized this wasn’t a solitary hammock – it was gigantic. Tentsile says it fits 3 people, but my baby, 4-year-old, husband, myself and our 35-pound Australian Shepherd dog all fit on the hammock without feeling squished.

In hindsight, it’s probably a good thing it’s so big. Because the thing about 4-year-old kids, is Monkey See, Monkey Do. The minute dad hopped on the hammock, he wanted on it too. And same when mom tried to sneak on without a kid noticing. I think I got on the hammock by myself for a full 20 seconds before my kid was clamoring on it too.

Set up:

Because we were anticipating one of those single hammocks, set up took a little longer. We originally planned on 2 trees and had to readjust our beach location at Pineview Reservoir in Utah to find 3 trees widely spaced apart.

It’s not too difficult to set up. All you do is attach each of the 3 ratchet straps to a tree. When you’re picking out trees, you’ll want to find 3 trees in a triangular shape (does not need to be equilatoral).

  1. Walk the loop of the strap around the tree and run the rest of the strap through the loop.
  2. Lay out the hammock with each of the end rings facing a tree.
  3. Feed the ratchet loop through the hammock ring and push the rachet through the loop in a tight knot.
  4. If you’ve never used a ratchet, I’m going to suggest watching THIS video showing how to do it for the first time. I let my husband (former Army flight medic & camping extraordinaire) do it. If you’re worried that you wouldn’t be able to figure it out, again – just watch the video. It’s not that hard, I just can’t really explain it. VIDEO!
  5. Attach the straps wrapped around each tree to each of the 3 ratchets on the hammock.
  6. Make sure as you’re tightening the hammock you have it center to each tree.
  7. Continue tightening each ratchet until you get the hammock tight
What’s great about this hammock?

First off, even though it’s not a single hammock, that doesn’t mean it’s TOO big. It just means you can fit 20+ other things on the hammock with you. Like your dog, or your sandwich, or your sweater, or water bottle, etc.

A hammock so big, you won't be able to use it all

Tentsile Trillium hammock

Ratchet strength

A hammock so big, you won't be able to use it all

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It was one of the best triangular-shaped experiences of my life. The other one I can’t discuss because of ongoing legal proceedings.”

Lana Medina

Second, if you want to put your drinks or food on the ground so they don’t spill but hate leaving the middle of the hammock just to grab what you need, that’s not a problem. The Tentsile Trillium hammock comes with a triangular-shaped hole in the middle that you can un-zip to grab something underneath the hammock.

It was one of the best triangular-shaped experiences of my life. The other one I can’t discuss because of ongoing legal proceedings.

Jokes aside, it was a great hammock for a family. My son could hop on and off the hammock without struggle, and you don’t need sea legs every time someone gets off. Which is fortunate because being at 4 years old, you change your mind every 30 seconds.

The baby enjoyed bouncing on the hammock. The husband enjoyed a beer (or case of 12). And I didn’t have to clean sand off EVERYTHING when we were ready to go home.


While the size is a benefit, it can also be a downside. Just make sure wherever you’re trying to set up that you have plenty of space to set up the hammock. Oh, and trees! Don’t forget the trees…

Final Say:

Great hammock for a single person, multiple people or even a family (if you don’t mind your kids joining you everywhere). Then again, if you have kids, you’re probably used to your personal space being invaded constantly. I haven’t had an uninterrupted shower in at least a month.