“Tent camping without

the bugs, hard ground or rain.

Your own personal tree house”

Whenever we go camping, my husband’s big complaint is about sleep. He’s not comfy, our 3-year-old puts his legs (and sometimes his entire body) on dad, the ground is too hard – you get the drift.

So when we took Tentsile’s Flite+ Tree Tent out camping in the Uinta mountains this weekend, he was actually excited. He’s stoic, as a lot of military veterans are, but I can read between the lines. This tent meant he not only would be sleeping off the ground, but he would be in a separate tent from his wife, 2 kids and the 2 dogs. It was like Christmas in August for him.

The first thing he noticed was the design. Well-made materials and a great layout. This tent came with 3 heavy duty rachet straps. No wonder it can hold up to 485 pounds.

I did a little background research on this 2-person tent. Tentsile recommends it for people under 6’1” and no more than 220 lbs. My husband’s about 5’11” and 200 lbs, so I figured he should be okay. I’m sure he’s ecstatic that I’m announcing his height & weight online.

On their website, Tentsile also recommends testing out how to put it together before you go camping. My husband didn’t do that. But despite a learning curve, he still had it put together within 15-20 minutes. Me: I was still struggling to set up the 4-person ground tent that I’ve camped in roughly a dozen times before. I blame my 3-year-old for “helping”.

Set up was fairly simple – you loop the rachet straps around 3 trees. The downside is my husband picked trees where one was a little further away from the other two.

In hindsight, he wishes he had picked trees more evenly spaced or brought that rachet up higher, because he noticed his feet tended to slide in that direction.

I tested it out myself, and even with the tree distance, it was the best tent I’ve ever slept inside. It honestly felt like it was molded for my personal comfort.


If you want an easy but durable tent where you don't have to cart a million things around for camping, this is your tent.

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Water proof
Bug free

If you want an easy but durable tent where you don't have to cart a million things around for camping, this is your tent.

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“Why camp on the ground, when you can camp in a tree? My 3-year-old thought so too. Try convincing him to sleep in any other tent…”

Lana Medina


-No creepy crawlies in the tent (bugs or kids)

-No hard ground to toss & turn over

-No need to pack a tarp (it comes with a rain cover & you’re off the ground)

-No need for comfort pad

-What guy doesn’t want to sleep in a tree house in the woods?


-Our 3-year-old was so jealous that we heard: ‘Why can’t I sleep in this tent?’ over and over and over again.

-My husband did notice this isn’t the tent for backpacking – the rachet straps make it a little heavy to cart around for miles, but when it comes to minimal gear – this is a great tent. It came with everything you need. There’s even room under the tent to store your stuff if it rains.

So the big question: did he get more sleep in this tent? Yes and no. He slept better but didn’t get a full night’s sleep. But that’s not the tent’s fault. Our 6-month-old baby decided she wasn’t happy with the sleeping arrangements and woke up every hour to loudly make her complaints known. And to snack throughout the night.

Next time, my husband plans to camp further away from the wife & kids tent. Hmph.