“Cuteness Overload. 

He looked so handsome—and so hipster!


Girls go ga-ga over my Little Man’s big, blue doll-esque eyes. His eyes are fresh to the world and unburdened with daily glasses, and I’d like to keep them that way.

I was born with 20/20 vision, but sadly lost that to years of squinting at monitors. However, I was able to get Lasik this year and after the surgery, I swore I would take better care of my eyes—and with that awareness—my son’s.  Besides keeping him back from screens and away from protruding objects, I need to protect his eyes from the sun.

Sunglasses are important to eye care—even for babies. My son spent many days outside this  summer without sunglasses and I found myself constantly searching for shade to shield his face and keep him from crying. And with winter coming, he will spend many days outside in the snow where sunglasses are still important. 

With the Hipsterkid Baby Sunglasses, I can go outside with Little Man and plop him in the sun without issue.

I took my son on several outings and had him try the Hipsterkid Baby Sunglasses to check for a few things:

  • Fit
  • Frame
  • Flexibility
  • Durability.

I wanted to know whether the stay-on strap works, if glasses in the hands of babies can really be shatter-resistant, polarization (in terms of how my baby reacts with them on in the sun) and stylishness.

First, I made sure they fit my son’s face. I placed the size 0-2 year old shades on him and they fit perfectly. They didn’t slip down off my baby’s nose, they didn’t cut into his ears, and they weren’t too tight that they bothered him.

The frames are flexible enough that they can fit a range of head sizes without putting pressure on the babies. There are two other sizes: 3-4 and 5-6 year olds.

The glasses are durable too—I put the frames on my face and the frames flexed to fit and went back immediately to fit Little Man. He put the frames in his mouth and tried to pull off the legs, but to no avail.

Little Man always makes my heart melt, but with the sunglasses I thought I would die from cuteness overload. He looked so handsome—and so hipster! And he laid in the sun and didn’t cry, which is a miracle.

Shielding those baby blues

FCTRY HipsterKid Sunglasses

Flexible & durable
Baby friendly
100% replacement guarantee

Shielding those baby blues

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Don’t wait—save your baby’s eyesight and get these glasses ASAP. I definitely recommend the Hipsterkid Baby Sunglasses.”

Brittany Kutz

My baby had his eyes open under the sunglasses and he didn’t have to shed a tear because the 100% UVA and UVB protected him.

And there is a stay-on strap!  When Little Man would try to rip the glasses from his face they would stay around his neck thanks to the thin, and BPA free strap. When I forgot to put the strap on the glasses and Little Man tossed them on the ground the glasses didn’t shatter! I was stunned to say the least.

The fit was perfect, the frames flexible and durable, the stay-on strap worked, the sunglasses didn’t shatter when dropped, the polarization was on point and they made my Little Man look like a stud!

Don’t wait—save your baby’s eyesight and get these glasses ASAP. I definitely recommend the Hipsterkid Baby Sunglasses.

And, best of all, if for some reason the sunglasses drop, break or are lost, there is a 100% guarantee replacement if you register them. A baby product that saves you when the inevitable happens; how can you say no to that?