Alpine Swiss RFID Money Clip 

If your cash and cards desperately need a lasting, affordably stylish money clip, with RFID protection to keep everything conveniently on hand, here’s a solution. This Alpine Swiss RFID Money Clip review could provide the pocketed perfection you’ve been looking for. 

True story, I need a new wallet or money clip because my old one is now a disgraceful, post-apocalyptic mess hanging-on for one final purchase. It’s also way past time for a substitute to stuffing bills and cards haphazardly into pockets, or socks. 

With this awful confession now off my chest, call the following a share for better storage. I’ll be exploring the Alpine Swiss RFID Money Clip in terms of gift potential (aka giftability)toughness (because I’m hard on things), compactness, and finally, style. 


Many Utahans begin to think about gifting, as autumn paints its magic through the mountains on the 

way to some of the most sublime powder on the planet. No off-season here. For othersthe word gift has an entirely differentand purely self-serving definition, that involves annual celebrations of birth. 

Stylishly thinthis clip is designed with usefulness in mind, excellent for the George Costanza character in your life. See SeinfeldExploding Wallet episode. There’s room for ID, cards, cash, and other needful items that go with a busy lifestyle.  

There are pliable card slots, and 1 large middle pocket for letterpress business cards, along with a strong clip to keep your bills in place. 

Though not the most lavish, or bulletproof, I liked its supple qualityand dark chocolate leather with stitching to match, which adds a sturdy, metro appeal. It has excellent potential as a back-to-school gift, or as an organizational upgrade for a busy entrepreneur. 

Its RFID-Protection means your giftee’s personal data on RFID-cards is secure at 13.56 MHz frequency, and for use with 125 KHz Proximity Cards, such as hotel cardsIDs, and metro passes. That’s giftability. 

 4.5 out of 5  . 



Trying this clip out was fun, and it didn’t break, so I know it’s tough in that sense. I lost count of how many times I used it during a single day, much less over weeks. I enjoyed the dark, sturdy design, and the crafted texture, which made that lovely leather sound as things were placed inside of it. 

As of this review, all stitching remains tightly woven together, and its corners are still smooth and unbent. Neither has it come apart, or unraveled in the laundry, which as it turns out, I discovered as a happy accident. Sort of. 

Actually, I threw it remorselessly into the laundry. Not repeatedly, but more than once, and not with important stuff in it. Doesn’t everything we wear make it to the wash? wanted to see how it would cope, and guess what, it survived like a champ. 

Yes, the word toughness may be a poor substitute for durable, which is what I’ve really been describing, but I wanted more personality in a leather accessory. 

Final word about Alpine Swiss RFID Money Clip toughness. As with most fine leather things, I think this clip will get better with time and wear. 

 4.5 out of 5  . 



Measuring 4” L x 3 1/4” H x 1/2″ W this multipocketed, genuine leather clip fit into every pocket I wore, including the swanky stuff, too.  

What more can I say about this money clip’s compactness? It’s a slim, convenient alternative to a traditional billfold, which is bulkierbut holds a bit more stuff. I’d recommend this spiffy clip, as great for the metro, club, at events, or for general adventuring outside home when you need only the absolute essentials. 

I enjoyed the absence of the usual wallet folds. I also found, that for all its tiny size, it packed a huge capacity for carrying all of my needed things. Brief style commentary to follow. 

I very much liked its compact size, which in my pockets, largely won out over my previous wallet in terms of sizeI got the same organizationwith less bulk. There seems to be only one drawback to a clip versus a billfold, that being, you can’t see identifying face-cards quickly, which isn’t all bad. 

 5 out of 5  . 



It’s durable, and made of genuine leather. It is both compact, and sleek, with high capacity storage for essentials. We know it is practical, and giftable, but what about stylish? Does it have enough panache for your pocket, or theirs? 

The Alpine Swiss RFID Money Clip has a modest, but undeniably rugged style, especially when looking closely at the embossed, red-gold, Alpine Swiss insignia sewn into the corner left of the clip itself. It’s a striking accent against the dark leather.  

Its functional style fit confidently in my hand as I moved, and while changing things in and out of it. For some odd reason, I thought to myself while turning it overmoney-clip, like a glove. 

Though I’m no fashion emissary, I can tell you, it works smartly as a business card holder working a room in a suit, or steely-eyed jeans. Better than the metal one I once used. 

When all is said and done, there’s definitely gift-worthy polish in this Alpine Swiss RFID Money Clip of many, many pockets. Of course, this is my one concernthe number of pockets. Could I possibly forgetwhich pockets held what items at a busy meet-up? Maybe. 

4.5 out of 5  . 



Let’s face it, money-clips are generally smaller than the usual wallet, but they carry the same crucial stuff, which makes this giftably compact, Alpine Swiss RFID Money Clip a stylish clutter-buster that will keep your important stuff where it belongs. 

4.5 out of 5  . 


Pros  Cons 
  • Highly giftable 
  • Compact 
  • Durable 
  • Possible size limitations 
  • Too many pockets? 
  • Can’t see ID 


“Alpine Swiss RFID Money Clip a stylish clutter-buster that will keep your important stuff where it belongs.”

Abraham Tinklepaugh


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