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Comiso X26 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

COMISO X26 Ear Candy  Wireless sound is a necessity in our untethered, mobile verse. Especially for audiophiles, such as myself, who have always been enthusiastic about high-fidelity sound.  Portable Bluetooth speakers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and if you don’t have time to test things before you purchase one, look for quality output power somewhere between 5 and 20 Watts. Good speaker sound also needs a wide range of frequency, so your ears don’t miss anything important.  I tested the Comiso Bluetooth X26 speaker, looking at overall sound quality, length of playback time, design and set-up. This speaker pleased on almost every note.    Overall Sound Quality  Sure, on occasion I’ve been known to play music loudly. Maybe I’m doing it right now. Who hasn’t, and for good reason? But this doesn’t...

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Dutch about Ovens Review

Dutch About Ovens   As previously mentioned, I enjoy preparing food. Growing it is also agreeable, but another matter entirely, and one perhaps better left to experts. This is a Dutch oven adventure.  Americans inherited Dutch oven cooking in the early 1700’s. Curiously, this is also about the same time the phrase “Going Dutch” appeared because of the intense trade conflict between England and the Netherlands.  They’re now widely used to prepare slow-cooked foods ranging from savory, to sweet. Dutch ovens provide a single-stop cookpot, that can also be used to boil water.  Victoria’s seasoned, 4-Quart, 3.8 L cast iron interpretation features a slightly domed lid, straight sides, and a cured, even surface....

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Alpine Swiss Money Clip

Alpine Swiss RFID Money Clip  If your cash and cards desperately need a lasting, affordably stylish money clip, with RFID protection to keep everything conveniently on hand, here’s a solution. This Alpine Swiss RFID Money Clip review could provide the pocketed perfection you’ve been looking for.  True story, I need a new wallet or money clip because my old one is now a disgraceful, post-apocalyptic mess hanging-on for one final purchase. It’s also way past time for a substitute to stuffing bills and cards haphazardly into pockets, or socks.  With this awful confession now off my chest, call the following a share for better storage. I’ll be exploring the Alpine Swiss RFID Money Clip in terms of gift potential (aka giftability), toughness (because I’m hard on things), compactness, and finally, style.  Giftability  Many Utahans begin to think about gifting, as autumn paints its...

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Headlamp Comparison Review

Headlamp Review    If you’re currently stumbling in the dark, as you work, camp, or play, STOP, because that’s dangerous. Instead, read this four-headlamp review, which looks at four of today’s headlamps, two GOFORWILD USB rechargeable models, one made by LuminoLite, and a Foxelli, which both operate on batteries.  I’ll be comparing types of light beams, brightness, comfort, and runtime.    GOFORWILD G03002 v G03006 LED+COB (USB Rechargeable)  Light Beams  Are you a nightcrawler who needs a detailed field of light close-by, camping out in the open, or are you trail-running at night? Could be you’re busy living the van life. Perhaps you work in crawlspaces where hands-free is a must. Maybe yourself, and your dog named Jam, need headlamps for trolling Alaska’s sunless winters because you both love the wildlife.  Whatever your preferred nocturnal activity, there are many types of light beams to choose from, white, red, self-adjusting, focused point-lights, floods, or a combination of them all. It’s also useful to think about how your choice of headlamp will...

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Sleeping Pad Comparison Review

Trekology:   “Rest well tonight Adventure tomorrow”   Search for: Down Time with Sleeping Pads    Testing stuff before you buy is sweet, but as we all know, finding the time can be hard.  What follows is a time-saving, test comparison of two inflatable tent sleeping pads. One is an ALUFT ultralight sleeping pad from Trekology, and the other is a surprising, chartreuse green alternative from Gold Armour.  Before I start lying down all over the place, here’s a quick note about tent pad comparison and selection. Tent and sleeping pads differ. The former goes on the ground as a layer of protection for your tent. Sleeping pads fit nicely on your tent floor, in your hammock, sleeping bag, or the bed...

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