Author: Tori Beckstead

Immersion Blender- Mealthy

Mealthy Hand Blender I love cooking, baking, and enjoying some of my own Pinterest fails with all the recipes from my food board. I think kitchens are so fun and kitchen gadgets add to that magic. When I think of a blender, I automatically think of smoothies and that’s it, but blenders are made for so much more than that! I recently found the Mealthy Hand Blender and was intrigued by its name and design because you can tell just by looking at it that it is definitely a blender that can do more than just blend a tasty...

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Think Baby Sunscreen

Think Baby Sunscreen   I was so excited for summer with my little boy because he just turned one, so he can walk and play and actually enjoy his summer unlike last year when he was just a little baby. But along with a fun-in-the-sun summer comes dangerous rays and harsh sunburns. It’s bad enough for an adult, but for a small child with sensitive skin, sunburns can be even more painful and harmful.   Think Baby Sunscreen is an SPF 50 sunscreen for sensitive baby skin. It is dermatologist recommended and has safer, healthier ingredients to protect your baby from...

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Me4Kidz First Aid Kit

Me4kidz Family First Aid Kits    Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. As a mom, it’s important to me that my family is prepared for any injury, big or small. Whether you’re at the playground, in the store, or camping with the whole family, every family should have the basic first aid essentials on hand.   The Me4kidz Family First Aid Kits are not only fully equipped to handle any owie, but they also come in several different sizes for any type of storage.   There are three different types of Me4kidz Family First Aid Kits; a large 117 piece Medibag, a medium 100 piece Medipro, and a small...

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Freeze Dried Food Comparison Review

Outdoorsman’s Delight: Freeze Dried Food     Who doesn’t love a good campout? Sleeping under the stars, enjoying the sounds of the great outdoors, exploring Mother Nature’s playground; there’s nothing better. Whether you are a hiker, backpacker, or a family that enjoys quality time without technology, camping trips are always the answer.     Our family marks our camping trips on the calendar and we look forward to the simple time spent away from work, distractions, and other obligations. But just because life is easier when you’re roasting marshmallows by the fire, doesn’t mean the prep work to get there was...

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Back to School: Best Lunch Box Review

Lunchboxes for every outing    People are always on the go. Whether you are a mom running kids from one end of town to the other, or a college student rushing around campus, we are all out and about with things to do and places to go. But one thing that everyone has is common is the basic need of hunger. We all need to eat but we can’t all stop at Mcdonald’s five times a day.    With my family, I never leave the house without an ample supply of snacks to keep us going. Splash pads, rodeos, Costco...

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