I will never be an international man of mystery. Which sadly means I will never get all the cool gadgets that come with such a lifestyle. I won’t carry a phone that doubles as a hang glider and harnesses the sun to charge itself. My suits will most likely never come equipped with a built-in parachute or hold hidden pockets for other gadgets. And my watches will most likely always be just a watch. The reason this truth hits me harder today more than any other time in my life–since this is not the first time I’ve faced this truth–is that I have found the perfect backpack for a modern international man of mystery. 


The Matein and Tzowla laptop carrying bags really are the perfect tool for the aspiring sleuth, spy, or general sneak. Really, any adventurer who wants to live the romanticized life of the mysterious vagabond. If you want to split hairs, it’s also great for students, business professionals, and world travelers. Really, anyone who’s often on-the-go and wants stylish to carry their technological necessities with them. 


Tzowla Laptop Bag

The Tzowla College Laptop Backpack should really be called the Swiss Army Knife of backpacks, but for obvious reasons, it can’t be called that. This pack really is a technological utilitarian’s dream come true. Not only is the bag water resistant–making it perfect for that rainy-night rendezvous international man of mystery so often find themselves –but it’s also great for the klutzy person who has spilled a drink on their bag more than once. 

The outer flap of the bag holds a secret pocket, again, perfect for those engaged in corporate espionage or for someone who needs a place to keep writing material. I was able to smuggle a complete set of high-quality Sharpie markers into my home without my very observant children realizing what I had brought in. Could you imagine the artistic mayhem children can cause with such utensils of mass writing at their disposal? My home would never be the same…color. 


And even if the secret pocket didn’t thwart my children’s attempts at artistic annihilation, then the main pouches padlock would have. The Tzowla’s College Laptop main receptacle boasts a 3 digit lock sewn into the top of the bag. This cipher is easy to set up and difficult to break into. 


The main pouch is 19.29 x 11.8 x 5.43 inches and fits a 15.6 inch laptop as well as all its accompanying cords, readers, writing tools, lock picks, stun guns, and just about anything most people would need in their day-to-day. The bag I tested was black but it also comes in a series of other colors and patterns to help you blend

 into your surroundings: 

  • Red
  • Blue 
  • Pink
  • Floral
  • Urban Camouflage
  • Purple


Matein Laptop Bag

For the last three weeks, I’ve carried the Matein Travel Laptop backpack with me to just about every location that I’ve traveled. Whether to work, family vacations, or various local restaurants and eateries, this bag has never failed to make me feel important in each location. The Matein travel backpack allowed me to carry just about everything I needed to work on a personal project, or maybe do some low-key espionage (i.e. see what my family has been up to on Facebook). 

I tested out the 17-inch travel backpack and I’m as close to loving a backpack as I have ever come in my lifetime. The back and shoulder straps have a multipanel airflow design which makes it so that carrying just about any weight doesn’t leave you with deep cuts into your shoulders or a sweaty back (because a sweaty back is the absolute WORST!). There are multiple pouches and pockets that helped me keep cords, papers, and pens organized. 


Final Thoughts

Both the Matein and Tzowla travel laptop backpacks are well balanced, allowing the wearer to keep their computer close to their body. This makes carrying the bag far easier and doesn’t carry awkwardly. Each also has an external USB port which allows you to charge most devices on the go. 


If I could go back and tell my 21, 18, and 12-year old selves that espionage was not in my future, my life would be a lot easier right now. But until Elon Musk finishes his time machine, I’m just going to have to be okay with keeping my previous years tech in one of these two bags. 

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