A baby mobile is typically bought and used for two reasons: to engage and excite or soothe to sleep. I didn’t know the purpose before I had my son and bought one just for décor. It is cute, but it is not colorful and it’s super fragile.

And now as I review each baby mobile, I think I would have still gotten it for me to look at (admitting it was mostly bought for me), but I would have also dipped into this list to find mobiles that genuinely entertained and soothed my Little Man.  

i love bub

Mobile makers i love bub create baby crib mobiles designed to delight. The felt and wood mobiles come in bright colors and gender-neutral themes such as hot air balloons, pigs and sheep. They are great decorations, visually stimulating for the bambinos and soft enough for play. They are simple, super cute and affordable, ranging from $15-$23.

Many mobiles are only intended for a year or two of use, but the i love bub mobiles make great accessories for any room wanting some fun décor.  They do not come with an attachment arm, so it can either be hung by a hook in the ceiling or a mobile attachment arm can be purchased separately (like the VicTsing below).

Best For Décor
Best For On-The-Go Engagement
Tiny Love Take-Along Mobile

Key word: take-along! Tiny Love is made to engage babies even while on the go. The baby mobile easily attaches to strollers, carriers, cribs, bassinets and play yards by using the arm or velcro fastener. Tiny Love provides 30 minutes of continuous music with five different melodies and spinning toys to visually stimulate and soothe your baby.  There are four mobile themes to choose from: animal friends (frog, bird and bunny), meadow days (my favorite because it has a cute little fox, hedgehog and bird—I am a sucker for woodland creatures), tiny princess (pink flower and two pink bugs), and princess tales (chick, mouse and fox).

Another awesome feature that I appreciate is the ability to turn off the music and still rotate the animals—keeping the baby entertained and momma sane during those times when silence is absolutely necessary. The cost range is $19.99-$24.99, which is incredibly low for a product like this. The only negative I could see is that the mobile needs three AA batteries and they are not included.

Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim-Mobile for Cribs

If I could go back in time, I would have bought the Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim-Mobile. When I first had my son, I read that simple high-contrast images are great for a baby’s visual development, so I had made little pictures with black sharpie on white index cards and placed them around my son to stimulate him visually. They were gummed on, peed on, constantly falling and eventually thrown out when my newborn got a paper cut.

This baby mobile would have been a better option with an adjustable arm and cord to adjust the distance between the cards and the baby, and ten interchangeable graphic cards designed specifically for visual development. The cards are labeled by age—advising when to switch from the simple high-contrast images to the complex color patterned images. The Stim-Mobile for Cribs is excellent for engaging infants.

Best For Newborns
Best For Musical Mobile Sans Arm
AGPtek® Battery-operated Baby Bedding Musical Mobile

The AGPtek Musical Mobile does not come with an arm, so if you plan to make your own mobile, you may want to pair it with AGPtek’s arm bracket. The musical baby mobile doesn’t necessarily need an arm because it has a hook that can be jury-rigged onto a crib with ribbon or attached to a hook in the ceiling—I personally would just set it on a dresser and use it as a music box.

The musical baby mobile has two buttons to control the music—red for off and green for the next song. There are 12 songs to choose from, including “It’s a Small World,” “Schubert’s Lullaby,” “Hush, Little Baby,” and “Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear.” The musical mobile can be taken anywhere and set next to baby to soothe them. The mobile is only $9, which makes it the cheapest on the list! And just F.Y.I., it takes two AA batteries, which are not included.

NextX Flash B201 Baby Bedding Crib Musical Mobile

The NextX Flash Musical Baby Mobile is great for baby’s visual and auditory development. It has flashing lights (not my favorite feature) and five colorful rotating plush animals to visually stimulate the baby, while they transition to nap/bed time. The 20 lullabies are soothing, creating a comforting environment, which is great for sleep.

The NextX is portable and can be attached to a pack and play or stroller.  Dolls can be removed and used as individual toys as well. You get the lights, toys, portability and 20 lullabies for about $30—great cost for multiple features. Takes two AA batteries—not included.

Best Bang For Your Buck
Best For Wow Factor
Fisher-Price Precious Planet 2-in-1 Projection Mobile

I’ll admit I cringed at the $73 price tag at first, but the more I discovered about the Fisher-Price Precious Planet 2-in-1 projection baby mobile the more I wanted it. The mobile can be used to engage or soothe your baby. For engagement there are four cute plush animals attached to the baby mobile (whale, alligator, lion, polar bear) that rotate above the baby and a projector that displays images on the attached canopy or ceiling (if canopy is removed). The canopy helps the baby focus as they develop visually.

To soothe, there is 20 minutes of music, including classical lullabies, nature and white noise sounds. The Projection Mobile is meant for babies from birth to five months. Although I wish it included the two AAA and four D batteries it needs to work (batteries are expensive, yo!) I am happy to report it should fit most cribs and it comes with a remote control to restart the mobile without waking up baby—super kudos in my book.