Best games for ages 1-99 

 I love playing games. Hide-N-Seek, Go-Fish, Monopoly; I love them all. But it is a little harder to find people to play those games with me now that Im an adult. So until my baby boy is old enough for those classics, Ive been branching out and discovering games more age appropriate, but still just as fun! 

I recently found a couple of new favorite games that entertain any member of the family and keep the good times rolling. From my one year old son to my 33 year old husband, I have something to get everyone playing.  


Best game for the grown-ups – How Do You See The World? 

 My husband and I love to have long talks and discussions about life. We talk about our past, our future, our kids, our goals and dreams, etc. It keeps us thinking on a deeper level and helps us stay on the same page as far as where we are in life and where we want to go as a couple and a family.  

 How Do You See The World is a card game that gets you really thinking about topics and subjects you didnt even know you could think about. It challenges your way of thinking and your outlook on life through deep, meaningful questions.  

 This game can be played by yourself, as a couple, with a group, or however you want. It comes with one dice and 100 question cards, each containing five questions in the following categories: reflections, relationships, aspirations, lifes purpose, and beliefs. You can even go to their website for more ideas on how to play, keeping score, games, and more.  

 This game is more than just a game. It allows people to bond, get to know each other, and think about what life is really all about.  


Best game for the whole family – Boogie Dice 

 Boogie Dice are just what they say they are, dice that know how to get down and boogie. The dice alone without any games are enough to entertain my one year old son for hours. These self rolling dice add extra fun to any game! 

 Boogie Dice come with two light-up dice, a charging dock, and a charging cable that doubles as a boundary line to keep your dice from getting too wild and crazy. You can activate the dice by tapping them against a hard surface until they light up and you make them roll by clapping your hands twice. There is also an app where you can customize the dice features and find games to download and play with your Boogie Dice! 

 They sound simple enough but for a technologically-challenged person like myself, the instruction manual was useful when it comes to figuring out how to make both dice work and changing the features. You will also need a USB socket to connect the charging cable to in order to charge the dice.  

 All in all, the Boogie Dice bring a smile to the kids and grown-ups faces and definitely keep up with the growing technology wave.  



“It challenges your way of thinking and your outlook on life through deep, meaningful questions.”  
Tori Beckstead

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