Best Ice Trays for Summer 2019 

 There is no better time than now to talk about the one thing that gets all of us through a long, hot summer: ice. But why settle for the refrigerator ice maker that’s always running out or clogging up? With so many different types of ice trays out there, there is something for every preference and lifestyle. Plus, they are even easier to use these days than the hard plastic ice trays that you used to have to twist and bang against the countertop to get any ice.    

In my search for the perfect ice tray, I came across three easy-to-use ice trays. One for every occasion this summer. One huge benefit that each of these ice trays have in common is that they are made of silicon, meaning you can easily push out however much ice you want without having to twist, hit and dump out the whole ice tray for three ice cubes.    


When you want ice that doesnt melt 

 The Glacio ice tray is an ice tray that makes larger ice cubes. The fact that they are so big means that they take longer to melt and that they keep your drink colder for even longer. From what Ive noticed, these cubes do last forever. I cant even tell if they have melted at all by the time I finish my drink on a long, hot day.    

For me personally, this tray wasnt my favorite because I am an ice-chewer. Since these cubes are made for taking longer to melt, they are too big to eat or chew. However, for my husband who hates ice-chewing, he was super excited about this ice tray and makes sure it stays filled all the time.   


Easiness to use – 5 stars  Easiness to clean – 4 stars  Effectiveness – 4 stars   


When you want ice for water bottles 

The Thermi is an ice tray that makes long, skinny ice cubes, perfect for fitting inside of any water bottle top. There is nothing more annoying than trying to fill your water bottle up as you walk out the door and discovering that the ice wont fit.   

My husband has so many different types of water bottles for biking, running, working out, etc. He also loves ice cold water more than anything. But so many of water bottle openings are too small for normal ice cubes, which means I have to keep the fridge full of cold waters all the time for him. With this ice tray, I can easily slide ice into whichever water bottle he needs. 


Another good thing about this ice tray is that it has multiple uses and is great for little hands. I used it to make small popsicles for my little boy and it was a huge win! Since he is so young, a normal popsicle is too much for him. This ice tray size was perfect for making mini popsicles that he could easily hold, eat and have fun!   


Easiness to use – 5 stars  Easiness to cleans – 5 stars  Effectiveness – 5 stars   



When you want to freeze more than just ice 

Sometimes, you need a smaller container to freeze things besides ice. Souper Cubes is an ice tray that is made for freezing food, like soups, sauces, dressings, etc. This ice tray has one cup openings and a lid for freezing smaller amounts of food that you want to save for later.    

Whenever I make stews or spaghetti sauce, I like to make extra to save for lunches or quick dinners. But the only reasonable option for freezing it is a ziplock bag, and that’s not always the best way because they rip and its hard to get food out of them when it’s frozen. This ice tray makes it easy to save food for later and even easier to thaw and heat up whatever amount of food you want on another day.    


Easiness to use – 5 stars  Easiness to clean – 5 stars  Effectiveness – 5 stars 






Best Ice Cube Trays

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