Creative toy without the electronics

Encourages STEM-related learning

In my house, half the noise comes from electronics. I don’t even know how it happened that phones, tablets, laptops (pretty much anything that has a battery or plug) beat out other toys.

So when I saw the IKOS spherical building blocks, I mentally cheered. It reminded me of Legos, except there’s so many  specific pieces to Lego kits that once you build the helicopter, firetruck, police car, etc – within 2 days it will be a mess of pieces that I step on in the middle of the night.

The 44 piece IKOS set says 6+, so I took it with me when visiting friends, who have 5 kids between the ages of 4 and 12. I figured a couple of the older kids would have fun.

Wrong – every kid in that room (including my 6-month-old) gravitated to those blocks. To be fair, it’s a new toy, so I should have seen that coming. But I thought only the older kids would be able to really build and imagine unique designs. 

The kids figured it out quickly. Even the 5-year-old was able to make a spherical ball with no help from adults. But the 29-year-old mom in the room, who has 2 bachelor’s degrees I might add, took twice as long to figure out how to build.

It expanded from building balls, to creating a space ship, to trying to stack. And then all hell broke loose when the kids sneakily dragged up a toy slide and started rolling the balls throughout the room.

 What’s even more cool, is how it was created. This toy is the brain child of students at Park City High School. Three students were given a project to create a toy that enhances creativity, and when they created this toy, they decided to make it available to kids.

Added bonus: 7% of any profit is donated to education and water conservation groups. Way to go IKOS!

Yes - there was no electronics but the kids were captivated for hours

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Age appropriate: 6+
Encourages creativity
Interactive toy
Problem solving

Yes - there was no electronics but the kids were captivated for hours

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“It entertained a half of dozen kids for 2 hours – from building, to designing, to rolling the spherical balls down the slide.”

Lana Medina


  • Great toy
  • Fairly inexpensive (especially compared to a tablet)
  • Hurts less than Legos if you step on the pieces
  • Interchangeable parts
  • Quickly captivated every kid in the room
  • Encouraged imagination & interaction
  • No electronics were used (score!)


  • Kids made me feel like an idiot by how quickly they figured it out compared to me
  • Still noisy. But hey, they’re kids. If you want noise-free, go to a library