Camp Chairs

Camp chairs are a summer staple. That being said, not all camp chairs are created equal. Think about it… Have you ever sat in a flimsy camp chair and ended up toppling over? What about having an achy back the next day due to your camp chair’s lack of support? Or has your drink (in my case, an extra large Diet Coke), tipped over due to a flimsy cup holder?

I’m telling you, you have to be selective when picking out a camp chair. It’s basically your lazy boy for the summer.  Lucky for you, I put two camp chairs to the test and am happy to say they both make the cut. However, you may prefer one to the other depending on which summer activities you enjoy the most.

Oniva – a Picnic Time Brand Portable Folding Sports Chair:

If you’re into camping or if you spend your summer evenings by the fire, I’d go with this chair. It’s sturdy, supportive, and high off the ground. I’m a bit of a germaphobe and like to be as far away from the ground as possible when enjoying a deliciouscampfire treat, so the height of this camp chair is a huge win for me.

Another thing I love about this chair is the foldout tray. It provides plenty of space to place your food and cooking supplies. Once again, not having to put my food on the ground is a big plus.

My favorite feature about this chair is the storage compartments that hang down the side. There are multiple pockets that can fit your phone, portable charger, roasting sticks, etc.


RIO Gear Big Boy Backpack Folding Chair:

If  lounging in the sun is your jam, this chair is for you. Fair warning – it’s very easy to fall asleep in this chair due to its comfort. It’s a little wider than the other camp chair, so it gives you a little more space to spread out.

This chair is lower to the ground, which isn’t a bad thing when you’re lying pull-side or on the grass at a little league football game. It also features a sturdy cup holder, and it’s the perfect size for a largewater bottle or soda.

What’s the best feature of this chair? In my opinion, it’s the backpack straps. Being able to wear the chair like a backpack is a great perk if you’re a mom like me and are already lugging around a car seat, diaper bag, picnic blanket… basically the entire house.


All in all, both chairs are a great choice. If you can splurge for both, do it. If not, pick the chair that best fits your lifestyle.