COMISO X26 Ear Candy 

Wireless sound is a necessity in our untethered, mobile verse. Especially for audiophiles, such as myself, who have always been enthusiastic about high-fidelity sound. 

Portable Bluetooth speakers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and if you don’t have time to test things before you purchase onelook for quality output power somewhere between 5 and 20 Watts. Good speaker sound also needs a wide range of frequency, so your ears don’t miss anything important. 

I tested the Comiso Bluetooth X26 speaker, looking at overall sound quality, length of playback time, design and set-up. This speaker pleased on almost every note. 


Overall Sound Quality 

Sure, on occasion I’ve been known to play music loudly. Maybe I’m doing it right now. Who hasn’t, and for good reason? But this doesn’t mean I’ve been deafening my dear neighbors any more than was absolutely necessary for this review.  

The Comiso X26 produced superb audio quality at my desk, in the common room, by the water at Bear Lake, and camping in Utah’s forested Uinta Mountains. 

Though its max volume wasn’t quite distortion-free to my ears, this unassuming 2*6 Watts of output powerand its great 75Hz-20000 Hz range of frequency, will bump nicely on your next remote beach getaway, at your campsite, or enjoying dinner with friends. 

Fear no splashes with the Comiso X26because itIPX4-rated as water-resistant. This type of feature is a standard ingredient in most electronic mobile equipment, which made it a joyful listening bonus while in the showerby the hot springs, and over open water.  

Different than a typical sound system, with speaker and subwoofer, the Comiso X26 is a robust single-unit, True Wireless System (TWS), that satisfied with 360 degrees of lasting sound. Also, highly portable, its 2.8” by 5.7” of boom certainly filled the room, with a Bluetooth signal range of roughly 60’. 4.5 of 5    


Playback Time 

A quick word about Comiso X26 playback time. Out-of-the-box, and after charging it for a little more than half a day, the X26 gallantly and easily played for several work days long, at high volume. It’s powered by a 4400mAh high-capacity, rechargeable lithium battery. 

You’ll know it’s fully charged, and ready to boom, when the thin band of indicator light at the top changes from red, to a pleasing cobalt blueX26’s light flashes when Bluetooth signal is lost, or interrupted. A combined flash, and three beeps means it’s time to recharge. 5 of 5    



Every good boom stick should also have an equally booming personalitymeaning its design.  

This Comiso X26 fashion speaker is securely cased in durable aluminum. It’s also rounded for ease-of-use and travel, which was excellent. It has a convenient grip-top, and bottom, where the USB charging port and reset switch are located.  

There’s a strap at the side, which I found very useful for hanging it from nearby surfaces on the go from downtown, to outdoors.  

X26 is available in several wireless colors. I know this because I’m insatiably curious, and peeked online to confirm. There’s Blue, Dark Gray, Mintand Rose Gold. 

This one was standard dark space gray, complemented by grippy, lighter gray surfaces at top and bottom. Under 13 ounces, it’s light enough to throw across a stream or small pond. And, its roundedness sits discretely, just about anywhere.  

It feels durable, and pleasing to touch, but I’m not sure it would survive a landing over the Grand Canyon after a tossI appreciate its understated style and superior sound quality, however, given what I’ve seen of the sprawling range of sound device design, this boom stick might be a bit tame-looking. 4.5 out of 5    



Set-up and pairing the Comiso X26 with my tablet, computerand iPhone, was painlessBattery capacity, model, and voltage information are clearly visible at the base. In my opinion, its simplicity shows thoughtful attention to detail, that elevates its value.  

After charging it up, it discovered and connected to my iPhone in a few heartbeats, and I was able to control volume from my iPhone without problemsNote: This suggests it helps to be patient, and read instructions for such devices before first use. 

Operation and set-up were easy, using the clearly defined buttons on the top. I liked its textured surfaces, which made for a confident hold on slick surfaces. Almost as enjoyable was its ability to connect several X26’s to one mobile device. Think of the big boom potential, using several of these at your next soiree. 4.5 out of 5   

      Sunny Side 

  • Boomin’ sound quality 
  • 20+ hours of playback time 
  • Highly portable 
  • Instructions included 
      Spilt Milk to Consider 

  • No Handsfree feature 
  • Not entirely distortion-free at max volume 
  • Fragile strap over reset button 





Last Word on Bang for Your Boom 

4.5 of 5 

*IPX4-rating IP, IPX, or IPXY are all references to a standardized rating for how well a product can prevent solids and liquids from entering, and thus possibly causing damage to, your electronics. Officially, IP stands for “International Protection” marking because the standard was developed and is maintained by the International Electrotechnical Commission. (DigitalTrends) 

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COMISO X26 Ear Candy  Wireless sound is a necessity in our untethered, mobile verse. Especially for audiophiles, such as myself, who have always been enthusiastic about high-fidelity sound.  Portable Bluetooth...

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