Primo Lapbaby:


“Hands-free baby in your lap”


On plane without Lapbaby

Have you ever tried flying with babies? Unless you have the miraculous slumbering darlings who snooze during the entire flight, you know it can be a disaster.

My first time flying with my baby was more in the second category. At 3 months old, she had a blowout and threw up on me, all before take-off. The guy sitting next to me looked like he regretted not forking over an extra $300 for First Class. Instead of being mortified, I was impressed. She destroyed 3 outfits (including mine) within 20 minutes. That takes talent.

On her 2nd flight, she was a pro. She was an 8-month-old squirming worm that refused to sit still except when I was feeding her pieces of banana. She wanted to chew on my phone. She wanted my drink. She wanted the drink of the lady sitting next to me. You get the drift.

So on the return trip home, I needed help. The husband was home with our 4-year-old son. I didn’t want to torture the person next to me again. So I tested out Primo’s Lapbaby. It’s a band that wraps around your waist with a buckle, and then your baby is snugly attached to the front of your stomach with a velcro strap.

You know those moments when you wish you had another pair of arms? But it never happens. It was kinda like my wish actually coming true. I wasn’t trying to stop her from falling off my lap every minute of the flight, the Lapbaby did that. She couldn’t knock over my neighbor’s drink, because she could only reach so far.

You’re probably thinking: Yeah, bet that didn’t last long… she’ll still drop her toys. Primo thought of that: the Lapbaby had places to attach toys and even comes with a sturdy drop cloth so food and baby drool have a place to go other than my pants.

Is it safe?

Plane trip with Lapbaby mid-flight

Hands free + baby don’t sound possible. But it’s surprisingly secure. I can pull the velcro off but Emma couldn’t. Even with her attempt to lean over and grab the sippy cup she dropped on the floor.

What else can you use it for?

Honestly, what can’t you use it for? I needed it for a plane. But if you work from home with a baby. If you have a snuggler, they want to be held all the time. If you don’t have a snuggler, they still want to be held. This allows you to hold them, and still do 10 million things on your to do list (No, not vacuuming. This is for sitting down tasks: laundry included).

Hands free & happy baby

Primo Lapbaby

Baby secure with velcro
Waist size adjustment
Toy attachment

Hands free & happy baby

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“I tried posting this review and my baby was getting grumpy because she wasn’t being held. Put her in the Lapbaby. She stopped being upset. Review posted. Happy baby & happy mommy.”

Lana Medina

How far will it stretch?

Post partum – our stomachs take a while to go back to normal. And sometimes, they don’t go back at all. The Lapbaby stretches up to a 54 inch waist.

Age range for Lapbaby:

Babies under 3 months would need more support – they’re not sitting up yet. This is meant for at least 3+ months. Your baby doesn’t need to be able to sit up on their own, they can still lean against you with the Lapbaby.

And when you’re done with it, there’s a carrying case for that. Stash it inside, get it out again when you need it.

Final say:

Good purchase for moms who need an extra hand with babies that want to be held. And for your next plane flight: this is much better than the typical carrier. It’s lightweight and easy to wear. With this, you might actually enjoy your next flight. Instead of feeling like you’re trying to juggle a squirming baby the entire time.