Me4kidz Family First Aid Kits 


Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. As a mom, its important to me that my family is prepared for any injury, big or small. Whether youre at the playground, in the store, or camping with the whole family, every family should have the basic first aid essentials on hand.  

The Me4kidz Family First Aid Kits are not only fully equipped to handle any owie, but they also come in several different sizes for any type of storage.  

There are three different types of Me4kidz Family First Aid Kits; a large 117 piece Medibag, a medium 100 piece Medipro, and a small 50 piece Medibuddy.  




The Medibag is a fully stocked doctors bag for kids and families! It comes with hand sanitizer, bandaids, gauze, cotton swabs, antiseptic wipes, antibiotic ointments, burn and sting relievers, cold packs, gloves, tweezers, and a first aid instruction guide. The bag has multiple storage compartments to keep things organized and save time in a medical emergency. It also has fun stickers to help calm children during any situation.  

 This kits fun design helps keep the kids entertained and happy while you fix up any medical situation. Keep it in the house, car, or camping trailer so that no matter where you are, you can save the day! 




The Medipro is a first aid kit made of stackable pods that keeps all of your first aid equipment organized in the most convenient and efficient way. This kit features all of the same pieces as the Medibag, but in a smaller on-the-go package.  

The stackable pods are a great quality to this kit because instead of digging through a normal first aid kit looking for the right supplies, everything is in its own case stacked one on top of the other so you can find what you need quicker than ever.  

I love to keep this kit stored for trips and weekend getaways because it is light, easy to pack, and has everything you might need while youre away from home! 




The Medibuddy is the smallest and most convenient of the Med4kidz family. This portable and compact first aid kit comes with Band-Aids, gauze, antiseptic wipes, antibiotic ointments, and, last but not least, cute stickers that bring a smile to any booboo. This kit is perfect for small, quick storage like purses, diaper bags, lockers, cars, and more! 

I got a small first aid kit to put in my diaper bag when I had my baby and compared to the Medibuddy, my old kit is a joke. Its bigger than the Medibuddy and it doesnt have nearly as much useful stuff in it! Good things come in small packages and the Medibuddy is the perfect example of that! 



 The Med4kidz line also has more than just first aid kits. They have antibacterial wipes for the germaphobes like me, reusable ice packs, and instant ice packs for quick fixes or for those who forgot to put the reusable ice pack in the freezer.  

The antibacterial wipes are great because they are safe for kids and the smell great! The reusable ice packs are soft and comfortable to apply to any injured area. They also have cute designs for the kids! The instant ice packs are easy to use, activate quickly, and are the perfect size for on-the-go-storage.  

The Med4kidz first aid products were made with every member of the family in mind. With each of the first aid kits, you can have the right medical supplies in the right place for any accident that comes your way. They may be cute and fun for the kids, but they are strong, durable and fully stocked for any injury or emergency.   

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Me4Kidz First Aid Kit


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