Think Baby Sunscreen 

 I was so excited for summer with my little boy because he just turned one, so he can walk and play and actually enjoy his summer unlike last year when he was just a little baby. But along with a fun-in-the-sun summer comes dangerous rays and harsh sunburns. Its bad enough for an adult, but for a small child with sensitive skin, sunburns can be even more painful and harmful.  

Think Baby Sunscreen is an SPF 50 sunscreen for sensitive baby skin. It is dermatologist recommended and has safer, healthier ingredients to protect your baby from the sun. 

Think Baby Sunscreen works for at least 2 hours or 80 minutes in the water. There are no harsh chemicals used which means you dont have to worry about what you are putting on your baby or look up any big, weird words online to figure out what exactly this product is.  



The most important quality of sunscreen is the coverage it provides. I used Think Baby sunscreen and my usual name brand while playing outside with my little boy to compare how well they protect his skin.  

We used the name brand sunscreen while we were outside playing with the water hose, because it is summer and it is hot and any sunscreen better work with water. I applied the sunscreen when we first started playing and again about half way through our playtime. When we came in, he had definite redness on his shoulders and arms which disappointed me, especially since I applied it more than once and we had only been outside for a couple of hours.  

 I used the Think Baby sunscreen on an even hotter day and I also got the water hose out to compare its effectiveness with water. I only applied the sunscreen once during our playtime. I was nervous since the sun was much stronger this day than it was the day before with the other sunscreen. However, when we came in, he had no sunburns at all! I was definitely impressed with how well it protected his skin especially after only one application! 



There are so many things that make this sunscreen better than the rest. One thing I really love about this sunscreen it is so easy to apply, especially for a lotion. It isnt greasy and oily like most lotion sunscreens, but it is light, smooth, and doesnt leave your hands sticky or dry. It applies so smoothly and absorbs to well into the skin that it definitely stands out among other sunscreens for me.  

I cant stand applying sunscreen and feeling like my hands are greasy and slimy and like I need to go wash the sunscreen off. For this reason, I usually use spray on sunscreens, but that doesnt provide the best coverage for a baby. Usually, lotion sunscreens are either too thick that you cant get it completely applied into the skin and youre left with white all over you or it is so greasy that it just lays there on the surface of the skin. Think Baby sunscreen solves all of these sticky, icky problems.  


Time and Effectiveness 

I already mentioned how well this sunscreen works, but something else to remember this summer is finding a sunscreen that will last for a while. Whether youre at the beach, the park, or the backyard, it is important to protect your skin from the sun all day. Mot sunscreens either wash off as soon as you get in the pool or stop working after 30 minutes.  

Think Baby sunscreen definitely lasts longer and stronger than any other sunscreen Ive tried with my baby. He plays in the water, runs in the backyard, rides horses and the only thing that will take this sunscreen off of him is scrubbing it off in the tub at the end of the day. Having to work a little harder to get it off of him doesnt bother me at all because I know that he is safe from the sun while he plays.  

We spend all winter inside, waiting for summer to come and to spend fun days out in the sun. Think Baby sunscreen makes it possible to take full advantage of every day this summer without worrying about having to pay for it later.  


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